5 Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software development creates applications specially designed to meet the specific requirements of these organizations and users. For example, the banking industry uses highly specialized custom software to provide easy access for customers, while protecting sensitive data with high-end security features.

Below are some of the benefits that custom software provides to every industry and organization.

1. Personalized Solution
Every customer or user wants to feel their interaction with a business is personal. Feeling like you’re being treated as an individual is a significant factor in customer satisfaction. A company that provides more personalized solutions adds value to the business/customer relationship. Such added value generates customer loyalty and extends customer retention.

2. Flexibility & Scalability
Businesses can make changes anytime to customized software as per the needs of the business. And if you’re smart, scalability will be one feature flagged as necessary in your initial project scope. Off-the-shelf applications, on the other hand, cannot be manipulated at will. And if you do change anything, you’ll likely violate your licensing agreement with your off-the-shelf software providers, making it impossible to continue maintenance and usability of the application.

3. Unique Solution that Belongs to Your Business Only
The biggest reason for developing custom software is your company wants to own the solution. Businesses can operate the software functions, data, developing methodologies, etc. With customized software, businesses can make changes anytime they want, add important information and implement feedback from customers. Creating an interactive relationship improves the credibility and stickiness of your business with customers.

4. Customer Satisfaction
Mckinsey statistics say that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized solutions, and 76% get frustrated when businesses don’t. Knowing the impact of a personalized user experience, the development of custom software is really important for customer satisfaction.

5. Security
Off-the-shelf software is generally easier to hack because most use open-source code. Hackers and attackers are already aware of the vulnerabilities of such software, whereas custom-developed software is a closed-source project and is only used by your team. Hence, the chances of intrusions are minimized.

Tip: In addition to commissioning custom software, some owners design mobile apps for their businesses to help customers shop and stay on top of company events.

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